C. No. IV(16)05/TECH/TN/SH/2014/581-641                                                                                          Dated: 11.04.2014


                                                                          Dated Shillong the 8th April, 2014

 Subject: Simplification of Export Procedure - when the Bonds can be furnished with Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of  

               Central Excise Regarding.


Attention of the members of trade and industry and all concerned is invited to the Circular No. 500/66/99-CX dated 15.12.1999 and Circular No. 706/22/2003-CX dated 8.04.2003 issued by CBEC, New Delhi. I hereby designate the Deputy / Assistant Commissioner (Technical), Central Excise & Service Tax, Shillong as Maritime Commissioner within the Jurisdiction of Shillong Central Excise & Service Tax Commissionerate for all purposes within the meaning and scope of Notification No. 40/2001-CE (NT) and 42/2001-CE (NT) both dated 26.06.2001 as amended. I also authorize the Deputy / Assistant Commissioners of Central Excise & Service Tax Divisions, Silchar, Shillong, Nagaon and Agartala of Shillong Central Excise & Service Tax   Commissionerate to exercise the powers of Deputy / Assistant Commissioner (Export) as far as the acceptance of bond is concerned.

This supersedes the earlier Trade Notice No. 76/2003 Central Excise GL No. 60/2003 dated 24.12.2003.

 All Trade Associations/Chamber of Commerce and the members of RAC are requested to bring this to the notice of their members/constituents.



(Dr. K. P. Mishra)