Trade Notice No 13/2010-CE

Dated Shillong the 17 th May 2010


             Subject: - Brand Rate of Duty Drawback – References received in the Board regarding old claims.

             Trade, Industry and all concerned are informed that work related to fixation of Brand Rates of Duty Drawback has been decentralized vide Board’s Circular No. 14/2003-Cus dated 06.03.03, but still at times requests are received in the Board relating to brand applications filed by the exporters prior to the decentralization of this work in 2003. 

2.                  The Trade and all concerned are hereby informed that the Board is no longer handling cases relating to fixation of Brand Rates of Duty Drawback. Hence all references in this regard should henceforth be made to the jurisdictional Commissionerate of Central Excise with complete set of documents who shall deal with such references on the basis of the facts available on record. 

3.         Hindi Version of this Trade Notice follows.

  (Hemant A Bhat)


            Authority: - Letter dated 26th April, 2010

            Issued by Board of Central Excise and

            Customs, Department of Revenue,                                        

            New Delhi, under F. No. 609/46/2010-DBK