Trade Notice No.18/2011 – Service Tax/SH

                Dated Shillong, the 30th December, 2011.


Subject: - Refund of Service Tax to exporters through the ICES-EDI on the lines of Drawback -- regarding.


   Attention of   the members of Trade, Industry and all others concerned are hereby invited to the Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC letter issued vide Coord/13-6/H/A/cs/Vol. VII/88 dated 22.11.2011 wherein a new Heads of Accounts under the Major Head “0044 - Service Tax” has been opened for booking of consolidated refunds for all 18 Services as notified vide Notification No. 17/2009 – Service Tax Dated 7th July’2009. 

2. Details of eight digits accounting codes is as under : 


Accounting Code


Tax Collection

Other Receipts

Deduct Refunds

Other Receipts









Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC’s Letter No. 88

Issued vide F.No. Coord/13-6/H/A/cs/Bol. VIIHH, Dated 22nd November 2011 


Disclaimer: Though care has been taken to reproduce the text in its original form, in case of any inadvertent mistake, the above mentioned letter may be referred to. 



                                                (Anil Kumar Gupta)