Trade Notice No.20//CE/SHG/2010

Dated Shillong the 26th of August, 2010


             Subject: EASIEST – Mandatory Assessee Code for payment-Regarding.

            The trade, Industry and all concerned are informed that the Reserve Bank of India has issued a Circular, DGBA.GAD.No.H-850/41.07.003/2010-11 dated 29.07.2010 a copy of which is enclosed herewith,  making valid Assessee Code mandatory for all payments with effect from 1st September, 2010. The jurisdictional Range Officers are requested to ensure that all  the assessees who are registered manually get registered under ACES by 31st August, 2010, so that no assessee’s payment is turned down for want of system generated Assessee Code.

            The jurisdictional Range officers is advised to use the option “Assessee Code Based Search” at to ascertain whether the registration is a valid one or not. The Directorate of Systems, Chennai may be contacted if the Assessee Code is not found in the site beyond the 3rd day of issuance of RC in ACES through phone/e-mail : 044-28331051/28331182,


2. Hindi version will follow.

Enclo:-As above.

 (Hemant A Bhat)


Authority:- RBI Circular DGBA.GAD.No.850/41.07.003/2010

                    Dated 29th July, 2010