Trade Notice No. 24/CE/SHG/2010

Dated Shillong the 27th September, 2010


             Subject: E-payment and e-filing – issue raised by M/s Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and industry –  

            The Trade, Industry and All Concerned are informed that the Directorate General of Systems & Data Management, Customs & Central Excise, New Delhi has taken a number of measures which enable the Trade & Industries to pay their taxes and easily file their Central Excise and Service Tax Returns and other documents electronically. Some of them are as follows:- 

(1)        CBEC has provided a centralized web-based and work-flow based software application called ACES for enabling Central Excise/Service Tax assessee to register online and file returns and other documents online. They get instant e- acknowledgement of the document filed online and using this unique number they ascertain the status of document online without visiting the offices. 

(2)        A Circular No. 919/09/2010 dated 23.03.2010 has been issued by CBEC and is     available in the ACES website (, which provides step-by-step  process for electronic filing of Central Excise and Service Tax returns and also   to deposit their taxes electronically. 

(3)        A Self Learning Management Software (LMS) has been hosted on the ACES website ( This also gives step-by-step procedure to work in ACES. 

(4)        A Brochure has also been posted in ACES website for helping the assessees. 

(5)        All the new developments are provided in What’s New Section of the ACES website 

(6)        A Service Desk with national toll-free number 1800 425 4251 and e-mail has been set up to redress the problems of  assessees. The assessees may also send their suggestions to Service Desk for improvement in his ACES application. 

(7)        28 Banks have been authorized to collect Central Excise and Service Tax. Electronic accounting System in Excise and Service Tax (EASIEST) portal ( with link to all major banks has been provided to facilitate on-line payment of taxes. A link for accessing this site has also been given in the ACES website under ‘e-payment. 

(8)        The ACES server is maintained properly and ACES website also provides information on the procedure for many e-payments of taxes/duties under what’s new section. The ACES server is monitored regularly during peak filing period of returns to avoid any inconvenience to the assessees.

2.         Hindi version will follow.


(Hemant A Bhat)


Authority: -     Letter dated 20.08.2010 under

                        F.No. IV(26)77/2008-Systems/4649

                        Of the Additional Director (Systems),

                        Directorate General of Systems &

                        Data Management, Customs & Central Excise,

                        New Delhi.