Trade Notice No.04/2012 – Service Tax/SH

              Dated Shillong, 25th April, 2012.


 Subject: -Service Tax paid on taxable services used for export of goods at the post-manufacture stage- electronic refund through the Indian Customs EDI System—Notification 52/2011-ST – review—regarding . 


 Attention of the members of Trade, Industry and all others concerned are hereby invited to the Board’s Circular No.156/7/2012-ST issued under F.No.354/66/2011-TRU dated 9th April, 2012 on the above subject. 

1.            A Committee has been constituted with Director General of Service Tax, Smt. Sanghamitra Panda as Chairperson, to review the scheme for electronic refund of service tax paid on taxable services used for export of goods, made operational vide Notification 52/2011-ST dated 30th December, 2011. Other members of the Committee are Commissioner of Service Tax, Mumbai-1, Shri. Sushil Solanki and Director, TRU, Shri J. M. Kennedy. 

2.            The Committee has been instructed, as a part of the review, to (a) evolve a scientific approach for the fixation of rates in the schedule of rates for service tax refund; and (b) propose a revised scheduled of rates for service tax refund, taking into account the revision of rate of service tax from 10% to 12% and also movement towards ‘Negative List’ approach to taxation of services. The Committee may interact with/ call for data from, the field formations, export promotion councils, chambers of commerce or any other business or industry association, as may be required. The committee will submit its report to the Chairman, CBEC, before 20/06/2012. Views and suggestions may be posted at the e-mail address: 

3.            Hindi version will follow. 


Board Circular No.156/7/2012-ST

Issued vide F.No.354/66/2011-TRU dated 09th April, 2012 


Disclaimer: Though care has been taken to reproduce the text in its original form, in case of any inadvertent mistake, the above mentioned circular may be referred to.




 (Anil Kumar Gupta)