Trade Facility No.11/2012-Central Excise/SH

Dated, Shillong, the 12th April, 2012


                        Subject: Implementation of SEVOTTAM Project-reg.


           Attention of the members of Trade, Industry and all concerned is invited that consequent upon selection of Shillong Central Excise & Service Tax Commissionerate by CBEC, New Delhi to roll out SEVOTTAM in the phase-III, it has been decided that SEVOTTAM project will be implemented initially in Shillong, Hqrs. office and Shillong Division. The following services have been selected for implementation of SEVOTTAM in the Commissionerate:- 

(i)                 Acknowledge all written communications including declarations, intimations, applications and returns within 7(seven) days from the date of receipt from citizen: It includes only acknowledging the documents received from the citizen. The internal department correspondence will not be covered in this service.

(ii)               Dispose of a refund claim:  It includes disposing of a complete refund claim filed under Central Excise Act or Finance Act, 1994 read with relevant rules and regulations, within 3 (three) months from the date of receipt.

(iii)             Complete Central Excise Registration: Complete Central Excise registration requirements within 7 (seven) days from the date, once a complete application is received.

(iv)             Give advance intimation before undertaking the audit of assesseeís records: Give advance written intimation of 15 (fifteen) days before undertaking the audit of assesseesí records as well as specify period of audit to assessee.

(v)               Release of seized documents if they are not required by the department: If seized documents are not required, these would be released within 60 (sixty) days from the date of issuance of SCN.

(vi)             Issue IAR to the Assessee- Audit reports will be issued to assessee as well as field formation within 10 (ten) days of approving of Para by MCM. 

           To implement the above, a Reception-cum-Acknowledgement centre is being facilitated to the citizens at 1st Floor, RAPís Mansion, Central Excise & Service Tax Hqrs., Shillong from 23.04.2012 to meet the  above mentioned purposes. 

           All members of trade and industry are invited to avail the facility provided to them by the department under SEVOTTAM scheme and actively participate to make this scheme more useful to the trade and industry.                                                                                                                                 



                                                (Anil Kumar Gupta)