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 Template for SSO-ID and ICEGATE_id (v-1.5) || Joining New Location and Additional Charge for CBEC  officers


 1. Consolidation Support LAN-WAN-ACES(Circulated by DGS, Kol) [ZIPFile]

 2. Circular on the issue of "Mails accumulating in Service Desk - Non receipt of TPIN issue" [Download]

 3. Steps to Generate and Save Report in ACES [Download]

 4. SSO-ID Password Reset Policy Advisory [Download] || Steps to reset the password [Download]

 5. Compendium of instructions on ACES [Download]

 6. User Manual for ARE module in ACES [Download]

 7. ACES-CONTACT DETAILS  [Updated as on 27.05.2015]

 8. Instructions for User Access Management and Information Security at field formations [Page1] [Page2] 

 9. Note on two day registration process in ACES released by DGS, Chennai on 13.08.2015 [Download]

 10. Steps to capture a screenshot of Application error through Citrix [Download]

10. Guidelines for adherence of E-mail security in CBEC Messaging Environment [Download]

 11. Reasons for rejection of XML file generated from Offline version of ST-3 returns with guidance [Download]

 12. Note on  registration process in ACES in respect of jewellery manufacturers & manufacturers of readymade    garments/made up articles of textiles released by DGS, Chennai on 11.03.2016 [Download] 

13. Note on cancel registration process in Central Excise & Service Tax [Download]

14. Present status of non-PAN based assessee in Central Excise and Service Tax [Download]

15. Centralized Registration Process - A note on the changes made in ACES [Download]

16. Centralized Registration in Central Excise - procedure for Departmental Officers[Download]

17. Note on return filing for the period Apr-Sep 2016 in view of KKC related changes in ST3[Download]

18. Procedure of migration of existing Central Excise and Service Tax assessees to GST[Download]

19. Procedure of sending bulk SMS, e-mails using NIC-SMS facility[Download]

20. Note on RnC functionality in ST3 returns in ACES [Download] [New]

21. a) ACES - List of Assessess for Migration [CE] [ST]  b) List of location codes for new GST formations [Download]  [New]

22. Saksham-Implementation Contact details [Download] [New]

23. Saksham-Accounting Matrix for installation and configuration of AIOs [Download] [New]

Now, all the latest developments/Instructions on ACES are also available in CBEC website hosted by DGS which is as follows:

http://www.cbec.gov.in/ > Departmental Officers > ACES - Important Information for Departmental Officers

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